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Opti-Coat PRO+ Application Standard

All applications of Opti-Coat PRO+ now include a compulsory single stage machine polish with Opti-Coat Primer. This work is carried out using the latest, purpose-designed machines and the highest quality consumables.

This is a specially formulated SMAT (Super Micro Abrasive Technology) compound capable of removing minor marring on paintwork. Further, it impregnates the surface with a catalyst to help bonding, and a levelling agent to allow maximum thickness in application.

This is critical in achieving optimum durability, and leaves a far better gloss on finish.

Vehicle Pricing

Small Cars – $795

Medium Cars –  $845

Large Cars & Small SUV – $895

X-Large SUV & Off-Road Vehicles – $945

Motorcycles & ATVs – Starting at $545

Included In Package

Prior to Opti-Coat PRO+ being applied to ALL PAINT, PLASTIC & ACRYLIC surfaces, your car is treated to:

  • High Pressure Foam Wash
  • Wheels High Pressure Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Cleaned
  • Tyres Glossed
  • Chemical Decontamination

Optional Extras Available

Opti-Coat PRO+ to wheels (face only) – $25/wheel ($60/wheel for inside & outside)

Opti-Guard Leather & Fabric Protection – From $395

Opti-Glass PRO to all windows  – $198

Touch up stone chips, major paint corrections – $POA

Additional layers of PRO+ priced from $110

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